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Thinking About: New State of Mind

October 27, 2011

I recently discovered my new state-of-residence’s (South Carolina) motto…

“Dum Spiro Spero” or “While I breathe, I hope”


Loft Living

October 17, 2011

As I briefly noted last time, I’ve moved! So long Golden State, hello the Palmetto State. I started a new job at Clemson University (Go Tigers!) and found this fab building that once was the town library/high school that is now lofts.

A shot of my new pad via my Dad.

For about half of what I paid in San Francisco in rent, I have a HUGE space to redecorate (or re-purpose my existing decor in the new space).I still need to pick up a dining table (I have my eye on the farm-table style) but am waiting for that first paycheck! I also want to find a kitchen island/cart of some kind for the kitchen area to use my bar stools and for extra prep space. Below are some photos of the place when I first checked it out and then with my worldly possessions included.

Shot from the front door

Living Room Wall

Now with the Casa de Cristina magic…

After view from the front door

View from the kitchen

From the bedroom

The large floor area next to the front door is where the kitchen table will go.


My closet (which is AMAZING btw)

That’s all for now y’all. More pics to come once I find the table I’ve been searching for!


Casa de Cristina Open House: Dining Room/Fam Room/Hallways

September 21, 2011

Wow! I was so excited with the popularity of the first post of my home tour – thanks y’all! And I say “y’all” because this little California lady is moving to the South! I’ll be in South Carolina starting next week for a new job at Clemson University! I am sooo excited for this new chapter in my life – especially because it means a new home to decorate! 🙂 I’ve found a little loft in an old schoolhouse – but first the rest of my old house!

[Print: HomeGoods, Wine Glasses: Not all finished by me]

I love my old table that was my grandparent’s – it has the sweet saddle-style backs and seats. I followed some inspiration from Pinterest and made my own candle/wine glass centerpiece. Super easy – soak the glasses and peel the labels off! I found that awesome poppy print at HomeGoods on the clearance rack. It took some serious fanagling to get in my Mom’s car but we did it!

[Custom Print: via street artist in Madrid, Spain]

[Frames: vintage, HomeGoods, Marshalls, Art: Self Portrait(s), class project]

[Fave Sign from Grandma: “Everyone who visits this place brings happiness. Some by Coming In, Some by Going Out”]

Making our way upstairs, I love to use collections from my Grandma that I’ve pilfered. This space below is the shelf of the linen closet and the pictures below transition colors into my room.

[Books: Vintage Reader’s Digest Road Runner: Grandma’s, Guest Book: Gift from friends]

A guest book is probably one of THE BEST hostess gifts I’ve ever received. My pals from SF gave me this cute notebook that I leave out on the hallway and make people sign before they leave after staying with me. I think they picked it up at Papyrus. I love looking back through and seeing what people wrote (especially if it was after we got home from the bars!).

[Botanical Prints: HomeGoods]

Next up my former bedroom!



Casa de Cristina Open House: Living Room

September 7, 2011

I’ve spent the last two years collecting, curating (is that even a word?) and decorating my humble abode with treasures from all over the world (and HomeGoods and Marshalls- duh). I’ve posted some shots along the way, but decided to go all design blogger on you and get more serious (read: I borrowed my Dad’s fancy camera this time). I’ll be sharing some posts of things I’ve done along the way and tips/ideas. There are still a ton more ideas I would do to finish off the spaces but that’s for another day.

I’m lucky to live in my Grandparent’s house (where my Dad and Uncle grew up) as a “caretaker” of sorts while I finished Grad School. My rents redid all the floors, paint and added molding before I moved in so I could jump right in as a wanna-be HGTV designer.

So first we’ll start with the living room. I recently rearranged it to make it more conversational. The couch used to be under the window and seemed too far away and I had the rugs separated in different parts of the room.

[Club Chairs: Grandma’s, Rugs: Ikea (2 put together), Couch: Aunt’s w/a Slipcover, Ottoman: Marshalls]

If I could find one – I would totally put a brass bar cart in that far corner, or maybe a white lacquer desk. And I knowwwww- drapes would kill if I could find ones I liked.

The coffee table was my grandmother’s – she got in when she was overseas in Japan for the Coast Guard. I found that sweet, ginormous vase for only $10 on clearance at Marshalls, and decided to show off my collection of Elle and Elle Decor (thank you neighbor kid with the magazine drive). p.s. The gladiolus (orange flowers) are only $2.99 right now! Such a steal.

[tray: West Elm, Globe: HomeGoods, Bird: Grandma’s, Bowl: Anthro, Rose Quartz: South American Imports, Candle: Ross, Books: Border’s sale]

I got some tips on styling coffee tables from my fave HGTV designer, Emily Henderson (seriously, Secrets from a Stylist is such a good show!).

[Bookcase: Ikea, Floor Pillows & Flowers: HomeGoods]

[Lamp: HomeGoods, Baskets: Ikea]

Want to know what a HGTV-aholic asks for Christmas? Bookcases. Yup I got the pair as my gift from Santa this year. I die. Love them. Pretty easy to put together, average sturdiness of Ikea furniture, and the perfect home for my books and treasures. I like to mix up the shelfs by stacking books in different directions and layering them things I’ve collected.

[Painting by VanRiper: HomeGoods]

This painting is probably my most FAVORITE painting in my whole house. I love the colors and the layers. In real life the paint is 3-D. Sweet.

[Prints: Etsy here, here, & here, Frames: Ikea]

I also love this little wall of prints I collected from Etsy. Enough living room action for today. Up next kitchen/dining room!



Creating: Watercolored Note Cards

July 18, 2011

I’ve seen some people creating watercolored and homemade paintings and it inspired me to create some art of my own. I’ve loved to paint (I’m no Picasso) so this was a fun project. I grabbed some watercolors from Micheal’s and blank cards from Paper Source and set out to create some hand painted note cards. It was super easy- although I’m still searching for the perfect texture of the cards to use for future projects. All you need are the paints and some water!

The results, I thought, were pretty cool. And they are great to wrap up with some ribbon and pass on as inexpensive gifts!


Happy painting!

HP7#2 Midnight Madness

July 14, 2011

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. -Dumbledore

Dumbledore is up there with Winnie the Pooh in the ranks of the most quotable movie/book character’s. He’s one smart wizard!

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. -Dumbledore


Thinking About: Happiness

June 30, 2011

Happiness begins where selfishness ends.
— John Wooden


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