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Rule #1-Never Let Go!

January 2, 2011

What another awesome day (well I guess two days)!! After we left our caving trip we headed to Mamtuka to enjoy a Maori cultural evening. We arrived at Uncle Boy’s pad and got served a traditional one-pot meal and then were debriefed on the concert we would take part of. Song and dance is a huge part of Maori culture and they were pleased to share it with us. The Maori arrived over 1,000 years ago to New Zealand.

Ryan donned a bone/shell skirt with only his skivveys along with the other guys on our bus – PRICELESS and learned the haka which is a war song/dance where there was lots of thigh slapping and and angry tongue sticking out. SO GOOD. Myself and the rest of my lady friends learned the Poi dance and got to wear some tribal gear as well and preformed a dance. We all slept in the lodge slumber party style and the best part was our alarm wake up call from the 70-something Uncle Boy was the entire best of ABBA CD. Needless to say I’ve had dancing queen in my head ALL DAY!

From Mamtuka we headed to another part of Rotura to go sledging. What’s sledging you ask? One of the most awesome things I’ve done in my life, that’s what! It’s a mini sled type board that you hold on to for dear life and surf/ride the rapids of a local river. We donned another set of wet suits, helmets, booties and put on some flippers and life vests and made our way down to the river carrying out veryyyyyy heavy sledges on our head. We were taught three rules:

1. Never let go of your sledge

2. Turn your head when going under a wave

3. Don’t stand up in the river

This is what sledging looks like, I'll post our pics later!

I even earned a gold star for being one of two women in a group of guys that did better than all the men! Success. We rode waves and I can’t wait to post the pictures we got from the professional photographer that captured the moments.

From Rotura we headed to Taupo (which means sacred in Maori). Some folks sky dived but we headed to Lake Taupo where we spent a lovely afternoon jumping off the dock and swimming in the lake.

Tomorrow morning bright and early (I’m dreading waking Ryan up!!) at 6a.m. to head to the Tongoriro National Park to do a 19.5km hike over the passing. I’m not sure if I’ll be awake to blog tomorrow afternoon, but if I do it will be full of more good stuff!

Cheers Mate!

xox Neen

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  1. Katie permalink
    January 2, 2011 10:48 am

    thats rad! i want pictures! Happy New Year!!

  2. MommaW permalink
    January 2, 2011 12:45 pm

    I can’t believe you did that Neen!!! My dare devil son yes…I can believe he did that! I cannot wait to see the Pics. Ry…be nice and get out of bed the first time your sisters wakes you.


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