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Auckland Day 2

December 28, 2010

I promise I will get more creative with these titles, but hey we all can’t always be perfect. Day 2, Auckland NZ.

A few lessons learned:

1. Christina will sleep with the alarm next to her, not Ryan (that child can sleep through a tornado)

2. We should have brought a pedometer to measure our walking

3. They are remaking “What Women Want” in Chinese with famous Chinese actors

4. Trash is called “rubish”

5. American’s have it all wrong in terms of holidays. Seriously, shops shut down until the middle of Jan., some even March for the whole summer to enjoy their “holidays,” for real?

Yesterday evening we walked down to Father Ted’s – no, not church and grabbed a pint of beer. Pretty fair price, 8 NZD which is like 6 USD. Then went down to the wharf area where we grabbed another drink and watched some Kiwi’s get sloshed and dance to a cover band perform John Cougard Melloncamp and Britney Spears (no joke – and they knew alllll the words). We (well I) was super tired so we headed back and slept gurrreeeat!

Today we woke up, ventured out to another part of the city that our guide-book deemed the more “bohemian” area. After an awesome muffin and coffee (served in this cute latte glass) we were on our way. P.s. a lot of the hostels have free breakfast so I thought that’s what we’d be eating today – wrong.  As I was toasting a piece of bread, I noticed some little blueish-green spots all over it. SICK NASTY, no thank you, I don’t know if mold is trendy here but I’m not down with that. Anywhoo we walked to the Ponsonby street area and trekked up and down the neighborhood which was soooo cute!

After a yummy lunch at a little restaurant on the sidewalk we ventured down back into the city completely on the other side to the University of Auckland campus. The campus is closed until summer classes start next week, but it was cool to wander around and see the buildings. Kind of San Diego State mixed with Harvard. Super lush and green but some concrete buildings mixed in with gothic cathedrals. From there it was onto Albert Park for some people watching. Then we stumbled upon the Auckland Art Museum which was free caching! Some cool local art.

One other weird thing – it stays light out sooooo late here! It’s almost 8p.m. right now and it feels like 4p.m. SO we decided to see a movie. That’s where we saw the awesome preview for the Asian What Women Want picture at the “cinema.” Then a little bite to eat at Burger Fuel (or something wacky like that) and back to the hostel. We are trying to get some tips of where to explore tonight, so we’ll see where the night takes us!

Tomorrow morning we leave early for the start of our trip to Thames and Hahei. Not sure what’s in store but should be fun!

Until next time, xox


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  1. MommaW permalink
    December 29, 2010 6:44 am

    Ryan sleeps through earthquakes, fire storms, and any alarm clock on this earth!!!! Have fun! Love Momma

    PS: What happened to the Cheeky Chugger????

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