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Sassy Surfings: Pure Awesomeness – literally!

April 19, 2010

I recently stumbled upon this GREAT blog while browsing Post Secret (another GREAT blog). 1000 Awesome Things is a blog that has 1000 posts about little things that make life awesome. I think I’ve read through about 200 and have alooooot more to go (ok, 800 – I can do math!). He’s currently at #523, so I’ve got (think, think, think!) 522 days until I have to start thinking of awesome things on my own (he counts backwards, don’t worry I’m not crazy!).

Even though he copies my WordPress blog theme (well it’s not mine in the first place…), writer Neil Pasricha started the blog in 2008 and has just come out with a book, rightly named, The Book of Awesome. I’ll definitely be grabbing a copy!

Some of my fave posts include: Junk Drawers (seriously, i heart my junk drawer and can thank Dawnie for starting that one!), Sneezing after pausing (there’s nothing like a good sneeze to make you feel rejuvenated!), my friends that laugh at my stupid jokes (thanks Daddyo for that gene!), windshield wiper beats (I used to make patterns and beats out the wipers when I was a kid), building a fort (I even build one in a hostel in Spain they are so awesome!), popping bubble wrap (no explanation needed).

A reader also made this sweet video…

It’s hard to think of another adjective to describe this site than, well, awesome.

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