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Casa de Cristina: Hot Diggity Houndstooth!

March 27, 2010

Well, it’s been a very long time since a. I posted anything b. I finished these damn chairs I’ve been recovering. But lucky for you, a and b have come true! Last year (gosh I can’t even remember when! December?), my Nanny and I spent a day thrifting around Fallbrook (aka the Avocado Capital of the World) and stumbled upon these dirty, unsexy, but charming chairs. After talking to the interesting woman who owned the shop, we hauled both into the back of her CRV for 15 bones. Yes, that’s right. Only $15 for both!

After a longgg longgg while I finally found some fabric I liked online here and bought way too many yards of it. I love love love, houndstooth and was so excited when I finally found a inexpensive pattern. While I was in Qatar in January my wonderful Mother and assistant painted the bad boys black for me. Thanks, Madre! Then I’ve procrastinated on recovering the seat, partially because I had NO idea what I was doing and couldn’t find any good tutorials online. Boooo.

Well, finallly, earlier in the month I borrowed my Nanny’s sewing machine and set out to pin the fabric before sewing away. A gajillion needle sticks later, I was ready to sew. Shortly after sitting down at the machine I realized, crap I don’t even know how to work a sewing machine. In steps my lovely Aunt Robin to the rescue. She taught me how to thread the needle, bobbin and actually sew in a straight line.

Let’s fast forward through the few times I sewed crooked, stabbed myself and dropped pins everywhere, shall we? Finally today, I finished stapling the fabric to the seats and screwing the seat back into the wood base (crowd cheers). Now I’m stuck with trying how the heck to re arrange my furniture in the living room to accommodate my newest additions. I’m sure my Mom and Nanny will come ready with suggestions the next time they are over, so for now I’ll work with what I’ve got!

Next on the project list: recovering and painting a desk chair, creating a framed chalkboard and finishing a painting I’ve started. Since I’ve given up Home Goods, Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshalls for Lent, I’ve had to work with what I’ve got around here, and lemme tell you this has been a tough 40 days!

Until next time!

Finished Product!

xo Neen

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  1. Momma W permalink
    March 29, 2010 2:18 pm

    I have never seen a better paint job in my life!!! No…I will not paint the desk chair.


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