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You say Guitar, I say Kuh-Ter

January 10, 2010

Yesterday was our first full day in Qatar and man was I tired! We spent the morning at Al Jazeera, the Arabic-based news network. It was really interesting. We got to tour the Arabic studios and the English studios.

Sara and I in front of the Georgetown building

A woman was filming the sports reports right in front of us and a few minutes later we saw it on TV! After our tour we headed outside and Sara and I filmed our own mini newscast in front of the building. It was pretty funny. Sara has the first clip on her camera and I’ll upload the video later – it’s taking forever!!

We also went to a large indoor mall that looked like something out of Las Vegas – they had an indoor ice rink and a gondola ride! Sara and I picked up a straightener too haha.

Vientian or Villagio Mall in Qatar? You Decide?

We worked with our teams for the rest of the afternoon, finishing up a project we started in December. Then we headed to dinner at a Lebanese restaurant. It was SOOO much food – but really delicious. There were some interesting items like some liver or mini-sausage type things (no Katie I don’t think you would have liked them). My fave dish was the humus and chicken and potatoes. We sat with a group of people from Maryland that were hilarious so we had a good time despite the fact that Sara and I were delirious!

Today we are headed to the Islāmic Cultural Center and the Souq (traditional marketplace) so hopefully I’ll find some snazzy scarfs and get to pet a camel.

Peace in the Middle East!


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  1. Tony permalink
    January 10, 2010 9:56 pm

    haha thanks for the shout out…i think liver is the one food item i may not like, but who knows! the marketplace sounds awesome, let me know what you find! PS, you better take a pic with the camel!

    Glad you are having fun! take some crafty pictures!! love you


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