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Merrrry Christmas and Happppy Holidays!

December 22, 2009

(The title of this post was sung to the tune of this Christmas classic)

Most of you know I l-o-v-e to bake – so the holiday’s are the perfect season for my creativity to run wild (I even got a Martha Stewart cookbook for my 10th grade b-day). I baked my butt off Friday for an Ugly holiday sweater party and decorated the rest for the students I work with and my neighbors (the recipes I use make wayyyyyy too many cookies!).

My fave recipe I’ve been using for the last 7 years is Martha Stewart’s Gingerbread recipe. It’s BOMB.COM (someday I am going to purchase that site). It has a nice little bite from the ground cloves but is super soft and really easy to make.

I also whipped up some royal icing using this recipe from Alton Brown. I modified it for some of the colors and added peppermint extract instead of vanilla to give it a minty flavor. I also jazzed up the cookies with fancy sprinkles I found at Home Goods. They have such a great selection of colors and types of sugars and candies.

I also tried a sugar cookie recipe dipped in chocolate and candy canes, but I didn’t really care for the cookie so I’m not going to share it haha!

Another Christmas treat I brought back from last year was inspired by my SF pal, Meg. She made these treats called Buckeyes that are HEAVENLY! It’s a little peanut butter ball dipped in chocolate and refrigerated. I used this recipe from Apartment Therapy but substitute the wax with shortening because the thought of eating wax is kinda gross. They are one of my all time fave treats (but eating too many can give you a major tummy ache – trust me!).

While I had a few accidents – like spilling sprinkles alllll over my floor and into my slippers (don’t worry none of those made it onto the cookie), I think this was my best batch yet! Hopefully if you’re nice you’ll get to try some 🙂

Happy Holidays!

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