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December is for….flip flops?

December 7, 2009

Can you see the tree peeking through?

Last December I was bundled up well into November – well maybe that had something to do with living in San Fran….hmm I wonder. But finallllllly, I’m feeling the chill down in San Diego! Well that makes Christmas a lot more believable to me! Maybe this  year I won’t be sweating in church…or worse pass out during the Our Father like 2 years ago…(whoops!).

I’ve been decorating my dorms and apartments for Christmas the last 5 years (woah that’s weird to say), so this year wasn’t any different. I’ve mixed some of my old goodies (the stockings may look familiar!) with some new finds my Mom and I have dug up from our fave spots – TJ Maxx and Home Goods Obvi. ANDDDD this is the first year I have an actual house to hang up lights on the outside, rather than jimmy rigging them around a dorm window or tiny ass tree in SF!

What a cute little greeter!

Armed with my handy light hanger (thanks Ryan!), in 30 minutes time we had a cute little set of lights hung. It’s been awhile since lights have been on this house so it feels good to see them back. I’ve also found some little additions for the walkway and porch. Reindeer’s are by far my FAVE Christmas decoration to use. Something about poor Rudolph with that awkward red nose strikes a warm spot in my heart, so I found a little friend for the porch and added my own bow. I also embellished the columns with some glitter red ribbon to jazz it up.

Oh Christmas Tree!

Inside I got a sweeeeet deal on a tree at Target for $25! I’ve also found some cute Charlie Brown-esque trees for the entry table that were only $3.99 at Home Goods! I made my own little table runner since I couldn’t find anything I like. Ryan and I like to call it “disco Christmas” :).

I can’t wait to have friends over later this month for cookies and bad sweaters so we can enjoy the Christmas cheer! Also I love lounging in my leopard snuggie with all the lights on – jealous? Happy Holiday’s and hope you stay on Santa’s Nice list :).

Oh and p.s. how cute are Ryan and I – we wore the same shirt one night!! awwww

Casa de Cristina

Table Piece

Rudolph's Anorexic Pal

Charlie Brown Town


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