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Turkey Talk

November 29, 2009

Most bloggers wish their readers well before holidays….well I would like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving after the fact awww brotherhoodbecause that’s how I roll.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you had too much food and wine and spent it with good people! Thanksgiving happens to be my fave holiday. Per usual, it was spent at my parents house and this was the first time I was close enough to make the pies at my own house rather than getting in my Mom’s hair.

Some of the highlights were: 1. the bomb gravy my uncle and I made 2. saying “that’s what she said” at a very inappropriate time and place while family was carving the turkey 3. leftovers

Another highlight was my ‘fakesgiving’party attended by friends. We created faux holiday dishes (i.e. sweet potato fries instead of sweet potatoes) and I put on my pilgrim costume (obvi).

Wishing you well  and thanks to you and all of my loyal readers (ha!) this holiday season (well I should just say my mom since I know she’ll be reading!)!


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