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Sassy Surfing: Hilarious YouTube Vids

June 10, 2009

Since my last Web recommendations were so well received – I’ve decided for this post to explore some of my top YouTube finds over the years.

1. Drama Prairie Dog – Just when you think you are watching a Chinese television show things spice up…

2. Chola Makeup Tutorial – Being an Escondido native, it’s safe to say 50% of my high school took lessons from “Baby Smiley”…

3. Bubb Rubb & Lil Sis Discuss Whistle Tips – Just when you thought the streets couldn’t get any worse, enter Bubb Rub and Lil Sis. I don’t know what scares me more – their grammar, driving or use of the whistle tip…

4. David After Dentist – OK so at first I did NOT think this was funny. I felt soooo bad for the kid – but after watching it a few hundred times I have to laugh especially at the remix.

5. I Want It That Way – Best singalong version of BSB EVER. The passion that emits from these two is outrageous…

6. Silent Library – This popular Asian game show (shared with me thanks to my little brother and his ridic friends) just makes me laugh out loud. The contestants have to draw a card and the person that draws the skull and cross bones has to suffer the consequence written on the larger poster – without talking. Apparently it’s coming to MTV, but I prefer the version that I can’t understand…

7. Rapping Flight Attendant – Now a Web celebrity, David, the Southwest flight attended was just looking to spice up his afternoon flight. Seriously I might only book flights on Southwest just for the chance that I might get him as an attendant and  because we all know I would be clapping and groovin right along with him….

Any I forgot?!?

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  1. June 11, 2009 8:50 am

    Obama getting Rick Roll’d is a fave –

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