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Bay 2 Breakers Oh Nine

May 22, 2009

Or should I say Bay 2 ANKLE Breakers (more on that later)? If you live in San Francisco – you know the mayhem that is Bay 2 Picture 6Breakers. Sponsored by banking giant, ING, Bay 2 Breakers celebrated its 98th year. To running enthusiasts, Bay 2 Breakers is a 12 K run which gathers its name from the concept that race participants run from the embarcadero (bay) to (2) ocean beach (breakers). This year the race was won by Sammy Kitwara, who completed the race in a record breaking 33 minutes and 31 seconds.

Now. Many of you probably havIMG_2927e no clue who Sammy is or that people actually run 12 kilometers. The Bay 2 Breakers that locals know and love is host to a mad house of Halloween costumes, thrift store finds and theme parties gone awry. Often participants can even find a fellow b2b goer (or 10) without clothes – yes naked. The recreational partners join in after the hardcore racers have taken off, often hopping on the trail midway through.

Huge groups to random individuals partake in the debouchery of San Francisco streets, IMG_3056gathering kegs, Franzia and camel packs filled with who knows what. Some of the best group themes I saw included but definitely did not limit: 101 Dalmatians (literally 101 people), Where’s Waldo, Double Dare, and our own president, Barack Obama (don’t worry secret service was in full force). Even Jesus rose from the dead.

My own posse donned the costume of the 90’s Nickelodeon show, Legends of the Hidden Temple. If you don’t remember or were too old (or young) to watch, here’s a clip that will satisfy your curiosity

After bleaching (come on I was not about to put on a used helmet without cleaning it) and spray painting our $4 helmets from Goodwill, we pulled on our pre-fab Legends of the IMG_2909Hidden Temple tee’s (yes you can purchase your very own LGOTHT tee here) and slipped on our $2.50 local market leather gloves. We had representatives from every team including the Orange Iguanas, Silver Snakes, Green Monkeys, Red Jaguars, Blue Barracudas and my fave the Purple Parrots. Even the shows host, Kirk Fogg made an appearance. After a few team challenges, we hit the race.

Hours and miles (I really don’t know how far we walked in miles) of music, crazed people and lots of water balloons later, we ended up in Golden Gate Park where our race was prematurely ended (my bad). A race to the finish resulted in a silly accident and an ambulance ride. Don’t worry everyone made it past the temple guards alive, just some of us had to schedule a few doctors appointments and surgeries afterwards. Obviously I can’t reveal all the details in one post – so stay tuned for the gore-stories.

Needless to say a great day was by no means ruined. New and old friends celebrated in the infectous joy that emits from San Francisco natives. However, next year, I might ride in a go-kart or wheelchair to stay on the safe side.

Bacon. Obviously.

Bacon. Obviously.

Jesus Walks.

Jesus Walks.

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  1. Katie permalink
    May 23, 2009 5:56 am

    Love the Legends outfits! The helmets are my fav!

  2. Momma W permalink
    May 24, 2009 10:19 pm

    Wish I had a picture of you falling off your bike in the driveway while just standing there…& then in your cast for the broken wrist & then for the second broken wrist two years later! Oh the things I regret taking photos of! See You soon my Baby to fix the latest fall!



  1. I’m never telling someone to “Break a Leg!” again… « The Sassy Sipper

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